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Putting in a good word goes a long way. For us, word of mouth is extra important, as we heavily rely on recommendations from previous customers. In fact, over 70% of our business comes from recommendations alone. We constantly strive to perfect our service, giving customers the best results possible and surpassing all expectations. It is our aim to make client relationships and communication as comfortable and convenient as they can be for all involved. For this reason, feedback and testimonials are of the highest value to us 

so far Homikitch 10/10. Exceptional service, and design staff second to none. Leave the others for dead

I used Homikitch in both my kitchen and laundry at different times about 8 years ago and not had any problems.

Homikitch. Lots of questions asked, very friendly, and seemed like they knew what they were talking about/doing.

I furnished my kitchen 15 years ago and every functions are working well nowadays.

Homikitch really does its best to make the process as easy as possible


good kitchen design and display centre with quality build and fittings available to suit all projects.


we had a very positive experience working with them. the price was reasonable too.

-from Thaivisa.com forum-

I have had very good experiences working with homikitch over the last couples of years.

-from Thaivisa.com forum-

my experience with a kitchen from them everything excellent

I chose Homikitch because everything seemed more professional.

-from Thaivisa.com forum-



very good, very stylish, fabulous design

translated from the picture above

"THANK YOU! You are responsible and your work is 100% complete!" 

-Khun Naruemon-



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