Solidwood Worktop Do & Don't

Solidwood Worktop Do & Don't



1. for Daily Cleaning, We recommend a mild soap solution. 

2. Treat with oil about 2-4 times a year. see instructions below

3. Always place hot items on the trivet



Wooden worktop Oil Treatment


The worktops have undergone a process of oiling in which they have been treated and polished, to ensure that the oil penetrates deep into the wood.

To maintain optimum resistance, we recommend that the wood worktop is maintained and treated with oil (about 2-4 times a year) according to the following procedure :


1. Clean the worktop on all visible front and rear edges and all visible surfaces.

2. Apply a thin layer of oil on the front and rear edges and on visible surfaces. Allow the oil to soak for maximum 15 minutes.

3. Grind the worktop with an abrasive sponge with oil in the direction of the wood's grain (lengthwise).

4. Wipe the worktop with a lint-free cotton cloth. The counter must be polished till dry. No wet spots.

5. During the following 8 hours, the worktop cannot come into contact with water before the worktop is completely dry.



1. Hot items such as hot pots, pans, coffee makers, rice cookers, toasters, etc. should never be placed directly on a solid wood worktop. The heat emitting source must be placed on a heat resistant surface to prevent discoloration and cracking of the wood.


2. Avoid sitting or standing on the worktop to prevent worktop damage or accident. 






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